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Bulletin of RSMU

Dear researcher!

We appreciate your interest in our journal. We strive to make our collaboration productive and enjoyable for both parties, therefore we would strongly advise you to carefully read the Editorial Policies before you decide to submit a manuscript. We follow the standards of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and cannot take the following explanations as strong arguments in case of a dispute:

  • I have been writing research papers for many years, never heard of such requirements before.
  • I have published a few works abroad; editors never asked me to do this!
  • I was taught differently!

Personal experience is really important but following professional standards is preferable. Unfortunately, those two sometimes disagree.

Please note that payment is made only after the article is published on our website, as we will need the DOI assigned to the English version of your article to process the payment.

Напоминаем, что с 2017 года «Bulletin of RSMU» не сотрудничает с РИНЦ (elibrary) по причине концептуального разногласия во взглядах на допустимость платного изменения собственных метаданных. Журнал «Bulletin of RSMU» представлен в реферативных базах Scopus, SJR, Web of Science, а также индексируется Google Scholar. Этого вполне достаточно для корректного учёта всех адекватных цитирований. Авторам, страдающим от отсутствия «Bulletin of RSMU» в РИНЦ, можем лишь предложить купить у elibrary платное изменение своего профиля.

Below you can find a summary of manuscript requirements.

Title length — not more than 12 words.
Number of authors — not more than 9.
Paper Type Sections Number of characters in the article (title page and reference list excluded, spaces excluded). Number of Tables and Figures Number of references
Research study,
method or technique
Title page
Patients and Methods (Methods)
up to 20 thousands up to 6 up to 30
Clinical Case Title page
Clinical case presentation
Clinical case discussion
up to 10 thousands up to 10 up to 15
Opinion Title page
Main sections (free structure)
up to 10 thousands up to 2 up to 15
How do I submit a manuscript?
If your research is original, scientifically novel, complies with the principles of evidence-based medicine and is not a review article, you can submit it using the “Submit a manuscript” tab in your account upon registration. Requirements for the quality of submitted works are further explained in the Editorial Policies. For your convenience there is a manuscript template containing formatting and style guidelines available for download from our website. Prior to submitting a manuscript from your account, please read the full instructions carefully. Should you have any questions, please contact tech support:
Can I submit a review article?
Unfortunately, we do not accept review articles. Each issue is thematic and contains only one review article related to its theme. Normally, we invite a researcher to submit a review article if he/she has proposed a theme. Proposals for a thematic issue are accepted via the “Propose a theme” button on our website. Invited reviews can also personally be requested by the Editor.
The journal gives priority to a few specific research fields. Can I submit a manuscript unrelated to those disciplines?
Yes, you can. Although we give priority to studies on cancer, neurobiology, allergology, immunology, medical genetics, medical microbiology and infectious diseases, we are eager to publish works related to other (bio)medical fields if they are scientifically novel and interesting.
Are there any specific documents I am expected to provide?
After your manuscript has been peer-reviewed and approved for publication, we will need you to sign the Author Agreement and the Conflict of Interest Declaration (should there be any) and to send the signed forms back to us. No cover letters are required. The editors may also request a copy of a local ethics committee protocol or other papers confirming the quality of your research.
When will my manuscript be published?
Within a month after submission, provided that your research work is high quality. We also offer online publication: once the final version of the manuscript has been reached, it is assigned a DOI and published on our website. No changes to the manuscript are accepted post publication. Once every two months the manuscripts published online over this period are gathered into an issue, with their DOI preserved and page numbers assigned. Authors can print their articles from our website before the issue is prepared; the printed pages will contain publication details.
Is the journal included in Scopus?
Only its English version, Bulletin of RSMU. Russian and English versions are identical in terms of content. Please note that English and Russian versions of an article will have different DOI and pages.


The payment should be made only after the article is published on our website, as we will need the DOI assigned to the English version of your article to process the payment.

Bulletin of RSMU charges a publication fee of 50,000 rubles (500 EUR).

Полное или сокращенное наименование фирмы (в соответствии с учредительными документами) Ассоциация «Московский кластер медицинских технологий «Южный» (МедТехКластер «Южный»)
Юридический адрес 117997, г.Москва, ул.Островитянова, д.1, строение 1
Фактический адрес 117997, г.Москва, ул.Островитянова, д.1, строение 1
Основной гос. регистрац. номер (ОГРН) 1157700021115
Идентификационный номер (ИНН) 7728327156
CEO of Moscow Cluster of Health Technology Association «Yuzhniy» Dmitriy A. Stukanov, acting ex officio
Publication DOI
(example: 10.24075/brsmu.2020.008):
Amount Due:
50,000 rubles (500 EUR)

Additional services

We believe that a researcher should think clearly and thus be able to clearly express his views. At the same time we understand that writing a manuscript is not an easy task, therefore, we offer a few services for authors, both free and fee-based. They might help you to save your time and present the results of your work more convincingly.

Special Project Work of Authorship
Secrets of a quality research study and a good manuscript
Images for Scientific content
From drafts to beautiful illustrations for articles and presentations
Project suspended
Translating a scholarly article into English
Getting help of our professional translators
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