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Bulletin of RSMU


Alexandr P. Oettinger

The Second Moscow Order of Lenin Pirogov State Medical Institute graduate, specialist in medical care (1971)
Board Certified Surgeon and Surgery Expert
Head of the Department of Biomedical Research, Biomedical Faculty,
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Head of the Department of Experimental Surgery of the Research Institute of Translational Medicine,
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Areas of expertise: general methodology of experimental research, experimental and clinical herniology, development of new diagnostic techniques and their introduction into clinical practice, prevention and treatment of the most common surgical diseases of the abdomen, physiology of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract

Mr. Oettinger delivers lectures on biomedical research and scientometrics on a regular basis both in Russia and abroad. Written under his supervision 25 candidate degree and 10 doctoral dissertations have been successfully defended in Russia so far, along with 10 PhD dissertations in Germany.
Author of 5 monographs and over 350 academic publications in top Russian and international medical journals.
Author of 10 patented inventions and 6 inventor’s certificates. Many of his diagnostic and surgical techniques have been introduced into clinical routine.

Some publications

  1. Khachatrian GV, Gorsky VA, Polivoda MD, Oettinger AP, Volenko AP, Sivkov AS, et al. Application of absorbable anti adhesions barrier membrane for creation composite mesh in intraperitoneal implantation: experimental study. Hernia. 2016; 20 Suppl 2: S244.
  2. Khachatrian GV, Anurov MV, Titkova SM, Velangi P, Oettinger AP, Polivoda MD. A comparative experimental study of sutureless fixation techniques using lightweight surgical meshes of different polymers. Hernia. 2016; 20 Suppl 2: S139.
  3. Shapovalyants SG, Michalev AI, Timofeev ME, Oettinger A. Inguinal Hernia: Recurrences, Tailored Surgery & Pubic Inguinal Pain Syndrome (Sportsman Hernia). Hernia. 2015; 19 Suppl 1: S167–75.
  4. Lipinsky PV, Sirotin IV, Skoroglyadov AV, Ivkov AV, Oettinger AP, Krynetskiy EE, et al. Effects of prostaglandin E1 on callus formation in rabbits. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2015; 16: 247.
  5. Ulmer TF, Stumpf M, Rosch R, Junge K, Binnebösel M, Trotha KTV, Oettinger AP, et al. Suture-free and mesh reinforced small intestinal anstomoses: A feasibility study in rabbits. J Invest Surg. 2013; 26 (4): 210–6.
  6. Anurov MV, Titkova SM, Oettinger AP. Biomechanical compatibility of surgical mesh and fascia being reinforced: Dependence of experimental hernia defect repair results on anisotropic surgical mesh positioning. Hernia. 2012; 16 (2): 199–210.
  7. Böhm G, Binnebösel M, Krähling E, …, Öttinger A. Influence of the elasticity module of synthetic and natural polymeric tissue substitutes on the mobility of the diaphragm and healing process in a rabbit model. J Biomate Appl. 2011; 25 (8): 771– 97.
  8. Grommes J, Binnebösel M, Klink CD, Von Trotha KT, Rosch R, Oettinger AP, et al. Balancing zinc deficiency leads to an improved healing of colon anastomosis in rats. Int J Colorectal Dis. 2011; 26 (3): 295–301.
  9. Böhm G, Steinau G, Krähling E, Schumpelick V, Hermanns-Sachweh B, Stanzel S, Öttinger A. Is biocompatibility affected by constant shear stress? — Comparison of three commercially available meshes in a rabbit model. J Biomater Appl. 2011; 5 (7): 721–41.
  10. Anurov MV, Titkova S, Oettinger A. Deformation behavior of lightweight hernia repair. Hernia. 2011; 15 Suppl 2: S27–9.