Long-Term Results of Treatment of Patients with Dislocation Fractures of Forearm Bones

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Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Field Surgery, Faculty of Pediatrics,
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow

Correspondence should be addressed: Andrey Ratev
Leninskiy prospekt, d. 8, korp. 7, Moscow, Russia, 117049;

Received: 2013-06-17 Accepted: 2013-09-04 Published online: 2017-01-05

The purpose of this study was the development of an effective system of treatment for patients with dislocation fractures of forearm bones to reach the earliest possible and complete restoration of functions of injured limbs. The research is of clinic- radiological character and is based on the investigation of treatment results of 74 patients with dislocation fractures of forearm bones who were treated with different methods during the years of 2001-2007. The algorithm of examination of that category of patients was developed taking into account the damage of the components of stability of the elbow. The indications for conservative and surgical methods of treatment of patients with dislocation fracture of forearm bones were defined depend­ing on the severity and nature of the damage. Rehabilitation program for such patients was offered regarding the category of the injury. The method of integrated assessment of anatomical and functional results of treatment of dislocation fractures of forearm bones was worked out.

Keywords: elbow joint, dislocation fracture, «terrible triad» of an elbow joint