Local and Regional Recurrences after Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction in Breast Cancer Patients

Malygin SE1, Malygin EN2, Peterson SB1, Protasov AV2, Benevsky AI1
About authors

1 Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Medical Faculty,
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

2 Clinical Hospital No. 85, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Sergey Malyigin
ul. Ostrovityanova, d. 1, Moscow, Russia, 117997; ur.liam@nigylamrd

Received: 2013-03-25 Accepted: 2013-10-29 Published online: 2017-01-05

The aim of the study was to evaluate the local and regional recurrence rate in breast cancer patients who underwent skin­sparing mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. 166 operations were performed in 163 patients. Local and regional recurrences were found in 6 patients (3.9 %). Factors influencing the frequency of locoregional recurrence in the study group were analyzed. There was marked relationship of the recurrences with the stage of the disease, regional lymph node metastases and poor prognosis of breast cancer subtypes.

Keywords: breast cancer, skin-sparing mastectomy, local recurrences