How aware are members of the medical university community of the risks and consequences of skin tattooing? Results of the online survey

Trushina EV1, Minkina OV2, Dvornikov AS, Skripkina PA, fon Zimfer EI, Konyshev YaI
About authors

1 Department of Dermatology and Venerology, Faculty of General Medicine,
Pirogov Russian National Research University, Moscow

2 Family Medical Center Ltd., Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Evgeniya Trushina
ul. Ostrovityanova, d. 1, Moscow, Russia, 117997; moc.liamg@aiinegve.anihsurt

Received: 2016-05-23 Accepted: 2016-06-06 Published online: 2017-01-05

This article presents the results of an anonymous online survey on skin tattooing conducted in the community of medical students and professors. The article covers issues of tattoing from medical and sociocultural perspectives. The survey was carried out in Pirogov Russian National Research University and included 210 participants of different ages. The results demonstrate the insufficient knowledge of medical indications, contraindications and potential complications associated with tattooing. The obtained data can be a good starting point for developing programs aimed at raising awareness among young people, especially in higher medical institutions. The opinion expressed in this article is not necessarily shared by students and professors from other institutions for higher medical education and does not necessarily reflect the level of expertise in other medical communities. This work is an example of how socially oriented practical training can be organized for the 3rd- and 4th-year students of the Faculty of General Medicine at Pirogov Russian National Research University.

Keywords: tattoo, tattooing, online survey, medical students, medical contraindications, dermatologic complications