Repair of fresh injuries to the acromioclavicular joint by double-bindle reconstruction

About authors

Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Field Surgery,
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow

Correspondence should be addressed: Emil Shukyur-Zade
Ostrovityanova 1, Moscow, 117997; ur.liam@limerotkod

Received: 2017-11-20 Accepted: 2018-02-10 Published online: 2018-04-30

Dislocation of the lateral end of the clavicle (LEC) constitutes over 26% of all dislocations, 11% of sports injuries and over 10% of acute injuries to the shoulder girdle, ranking 3rd after elbow and wrist joints dislocations. The majority of surgical techniques used to repair fresh injuries to the acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) do not account for its anatomy and biomechanics, resulting in postoperative instability of the joint in both vertical and horizontal planes. The aim of this study was to propose a highly effective technique for the surgical treatment of acute injuries to ACJ ensuring a better recovery of its function. Below we present the results of 112 patients who underwent minimally invasive acromioclavicular joint reconstruction. The outcome was very good in 111 patients (99.1%). The proposed technique helps to avoid damage to the biomechanics of the joint and to fully restore its anatomy within short time.

Keywords: dislocation of the clavicle, acromioclavicular joint, double-bundle reconstruction, fresh injury