Clinical significance of the musculus gluteus minimus in total hip arthroplasty

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1 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

2 Bureau of Forensic Medical Expertise, Moscow Department of Health, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Ivan V. Sirotin
Ostrovityanova, 1, 117997, Moscow; ur.liam@risvi

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Compliance with ethical standards: the study followed the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki by the World Medical Association.

Author contribution: Yegiazaryan KA supervised the study, analyzed the literature and contributed to writing the manuscript; Sirotin IV, Chizhikova IO analyzed the literature, conducted the experimental part of the study and contributed to writing the manuscript; Lazishvili GD, Ratiev AP, But-Gusaim AB analyzed the literature and contributed to writing the manuscript.

Received: 2020-09-04 Accepted: 2020-10-18 Published online: 2020-10-04
Fig. 1. Measuring acetabular inclination and anteversion (cup inclination is calculated as the angle between the horizontal line A and the continuation of the long axis B of the ellipsis; anteversion is calculated as arcsin (short axis C/long axis B)
Fig. 2. The region of the greater trochanter featuring the site of m. gluteus minimus attachment and parts of external hip rotators (see the article)
Table. Characteristics of surgeries, including age and sex of the cadavers, the operated body side, surgical approaches, acetabular inclination and anteversion
Note: m — male; f — female.