The feasibility of using computer-based models for reducing the risks of complications associated with temporary dentures

Bagryantseva NV1,2, Gazhva SI1, Baranov AA2, Shubin LB2, Bagryantsev VA2, Bagryantseva OV2
About authors

1 Privolzhsky Research Medical University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

2 Yaroslavl State Medical University, Yaroslavl, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Natalia V. Bagryantseva
March 8, d. 1, kor. 2, kv. 71, Yaroslavl, 150002; ur.liam@avecnayrgobn

About paper

Author contribution: Bagryantseva NV — study design, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, manuscript editing; Gazhva SI — study planning and manuscript editing; Baranov AA — manuscript editing; Shubin LB — data analysis and interpretation; Bagryantsev VA, Bagryantseva OV — data acquisition and preparing the manuscript draft.

Received: 2019-07-25 Accepted: 2019-08-09 Published online: 2019-08-17
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